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Future School Psychologists of Ohio Club (FSPO)

Mission: The Future School Psychologists of Ohio (FSPO) club aims to spread awareness and garner the interest and early commitment of students to the field of school psychology by providing members related educational and professional outreach opportunities within educational, psychological and other community settings.




FSPO has several regional chapters across the state of Ohio!

For more information about your regional FSPO chapter, please visit their site by clicking the link below.


Cleveland FSPO Chapter

Central FSPO Chapter

Kent-Akron FSPO Chapter

Northwest FSPO Chapter

Southwest FSPO Chapter

High School Chapters


Interested in starting a Future School Psychologist Club in your state/region/university?! 

Please click on the button below for free access to our templated resources to assist you in getting your undergraduate club up and running! Materials include ideas for recruitment, meeting agendas, curriculum materials and research articles, and ideas for service events.  If you have additional questions or would like additional support in starting your own Future School Psychologist club, please contact us at  



FSPO Publications:

The Ohio School Psychologist: Expanding Our Reach: Initiatives to Grow & Diversify the Field

NASP Communique: Future School Psychologist Clubs


Additional Information About School Psychology

Although the daily roles and responsibilities of a school psychologist vary depending on the school, district, and practitioner, all school psychologists aim to support the needs of all students in the educational environment. For additional information about school psychology, the roles and responsibilities of school psychologists, and what is being done to address school psychologist shortages nationwide, click the links below: 

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers - Ohio's  Statewide Family Engagement Center

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP): NASP offers annual conferences and high quality professional development and networking opportunities for school psychologists across the nation.  It also engages in regular advocacy efforts to ensure school psychologists are able to continue to provide high quality services to all students, especially students from minoritized backgrounds.  Click on the icon above for additional information!


NASP Practice Model - YouTube

NASP Practice Model: Click on the photo above for more information on the NASP practice model for school psychologists.  YouTube video presented by Ohio's own Dr. Laura Gabel and Amanda Brian! 


National Association of School Psychologists Exposure Project (NASP-EP)

In an effort to address the nationwide shortage of school psychologists, the NASP Exposure Project aims to expose high school and undergraduate students to the field of school psychology. The project particularly focuses on students from diverse backgrounds in order to attract students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to the field of school psychology. Through the NASP Exposure Project, school psychologist practitioners, faculty, and graduate students present information about school psychology to high school and undergraduate students across the country.


School Psychology in Ohio

Ohio Department of Education Related Services

The Ohio Department of Education has a collection of resources and videos specific to related service providers in the state. Related service providers include school psychologists, school nurses, educational audiologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. This Related Services Overview video offers more information about each related service, with practitioners offering brief insight into the work that they do.

For information about school psychology in the state of Ohio, check out the ODE School Psychologist webpage, which lists roles and responsibilities of school psychologists. This School Psychologist video also highlights some of the work that school psychologists do.


Ohio School Psychologists Association

For even more information about the Ohio School Psychologists Association and school psychology in Ohio, please click on the icon below:


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Interested in applying to a school psychology program in Ohio?  

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